NowThis is Fake News

Ive always classified 'Now This' as nothing more than fake news, NowThis is so transparent in its day to day reporting of "news". They're constant obfuscation, Misdirection, slanderous, moralistic and smug but my favorite is the lack of citing sources of information and its beyond count.

They've lied about the travel ban, calling it a 'Muslim ban' they've made numerous clips further conflating the Russia conspiracy which has come out today as basically being fabricated and pushed by CNN and other fake news outlets, They've made slanderous accusations towards particular youtubers whose opinions they don't like. 

So we've established something already known about Now This, fake fucking news but the serious question remains Whats happening to actual Journalism?

sad note: you'll enjoy the clip below, the CEO of NowThis publicly admits that NowThis has a narrative and it capitulates to its "young, progressive " audience and deliberately omitts info, lies and has  a clear partisan to the extreme left.

Please watch the video below, a journalist Tim Pool explains in further detail whats happening here.

Please subscribe to Tim Pool, he's an excellent example of  Journalism done right. 


James Allsup, another great youtuber exposing terrible media outlets like NowThis.