Tommy Robinson's de facto Execution?

Concern for Tommy Robinson safety spiked last night when word spread from his manager Caolan Robertson spoke with Tommy directly before and after being moved from a low security, low Muslim Prison Pop to a high security, far more violent 70% + Muslim majority including known extremists and convicted Terrorists.

For obvious reasons the name and location of the Prison has been kept from media so more threats cannot locate him, Caolan has been asked to reiterate what Tommy has experienced so far in this dreadful experience by Tommy himself so this is first-hand knowledge and since this is best anyone is able to do we can only go by Caolans word and I personally see nothing wrong in trusting his word.

Tommy is has been moved from his inital Prison he was sent to over 20 days ago which was relatively safe for Tommy to spend his sentence to an over 70% majority muslim Prison were utterances from guards to the nature of "You're not liked around here" warning him to watch his back and death threats (Tommy cited one of them as: "we're going to kill you", "we're going to kill you tonight"), Assassination hits and promises of violence coming from all over the prison as he tried to settle in to what seems to be his de facto death sentence.

“He’s a much higher target now,” Robertson told Infowars, adding that this was the “most devastating news possible” because lawyers had been confident of securing Robinson’s early release

Former Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam confirmed the news, tweeting, “Tommy’s human rights are being violated as he was moved to a new UK prison last night, without warning or reason. He is now in a very heavily Muslim populated prison in the Midlands in England.”

He also said that the decision to move Robinson came directly from the UK Home Office.

A fatwa was also reportedly issued against Tommy Robinson by an imam within 24 hours of him being transferred to the new prison, eerily similar to the events that occurred last time he was in this prison..


According to Caolan, He was initially placed in 'Gen pop' where its open, clustered and crowed for anyone to get to him, imagine room after room, stacked stories high in a gym hall-like space, he had people yelling and screaming threats at him since his arrival all throughout the night. an Imam has ordered a hit or Fatwa for anyone in the prison to attempt to kill him, anything from beatings, stabbings to poisoning, acid attacks, rape and burning.

by an amazing strike of coincidence, Youtube the very same day he was moved to that new prison he will likely die in, removed his video aptly named "I won't be around much longer" - in the video he claims that his government is trying to silence him by any means necessary including murdering him, citing some of his history with targeted attacks, including ones occurring in prison where guards have deliberately locked him in with Known Islamic extremists and terrorist that were in jail for attempting to blow up the EDL and Tommy for what seemed to be a planed attempt to ambush, beat and torture him to death, near misses with home made napalm (Boiling sugar water), random attacks and assaults on the street where the perpetrators go uninvestigated and unpunished.

  UK government is making it blatantly obvious that they would rather Tommy be killed than allowed to speak, he's a relatively non-violent "political prisoner" compared to his terrorist inmates, violent thugs. No place for someone simply in breach of an contempt of court offence, is this how justice is served? Through intimidation & muscle of the Islamic prison community and disgruntled EDL supporters? How can the law be respected when such rampant abuse of a system of order is being used against its own citizens, This may very well be the death of Tommy and if so what will the people of Briton do? What happens when Lions are treated like sheep?