Is Count Dankula Free?

So as you may or may not have heard, Mark Meechan a.k.a Count Dankula was not, I repeat was not sent to prison, He did however still was given an 800 pound fine for his trouble and will reportedly appeal the decision.


Fund Count Dankula's Court appeal here.

This is a relief but unfortunately still a very sad day for freedom of speech even though he avoided the prison sentence the fact that he could even be threatened by that prospect is frightening enough let alone being successfully charged and fined for a joke.

I have few words to describe the feeling of seeing a right so severely trampled on is disheartening, to say the least, the fact its something so fundamental and essential as freedom of speech only makes it that much worse.

I believe the west has grown soft and dull, we no longer uphold our fundamental principles, we no longer worry about tyranny from our own systems of government, when we see actual oppression from our governments subjected onto our fellow citizens our empathy is nowhere to be found.    

Many people think that this was justified and "right" because they don't find the value in comedy or at least they don't find value in comedy they don't like.

This dangerous precedent has been set, to be offensive means to pay extra for the privilege of having that freedom.

I'm morbidly pleased with the decision of the courts to not send Mark to prison, what I wonder though is what would've happened without such outcry and support from the public?

Regardless of the "what ifs", what is important now is that Mark repeals this decision for not only himself but for the future victims of this horrendous law. 

FREEDANKULA Scottish man sentenced for "Nazi Pug" joke

A Scottish comedian, Mark Meechan, was found guilty of a hate crime on Tuesday for posting a video of himself on his Youtube channel, training his girlfriend’s pug, Buddha, to mimic a Nazi and respond to commands the court ruled as "anti-Semitic."

This is a sad day for free speech in the UK and I'd like to explore why exactly these hate speech laws are stupid.

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The George Soros Question.

For years, almost a decade now we've heard conservatives, right-wingers and conspiracy nutjobs talk about George Soros as the evil globalist Illuminati elite or the secret Nazi or even as the secret Communist | Leftist, I, however, see it a little differently but first, lets get the story straight.

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Ranting: worried for the future and the Alt-Left

The world is changing, I don't mean in a lofty grandiose way but in a tangible way. We've never lived in a more peaceful time in the history of humankind, never a more innovative time where new things are discovered everyday although we still hate, kill, bully, shame and discriminate but these days even that is changing.

We in the west in particular have a proclivity to fight for the "weak" and down trodden, its a virtue instilled in us since birth and is by far a good thing but with such drastic change, whether good or bad there will always be an equal and opposite reaction.

This comes in the form of trying to "right" past wrongs and misgivings, purely from a place of subconscious guilt and a desperate need to control. Like a pendulum swinging from right to left, it will go from one extreme to another but this  progression takes time, years, decades even.

Since 1946, We (The winners) have written history that wasn't exactly true and accurate and I believe for the sake of the soviet union The Allies made a distinction between Fascism and Communism and that one is specifically made for Evil and the other only becomes Evil when it no longer works.

Progressivism , in all it's forms is a stepping stone toward the unlitmate goal of communism and as certain as our confidence in the sun rising and falling, communism will eventually "no longer work" and further devolve into its final state, Fascism.

"Fascism is the stage reached after communism has proved an illusion. It has proved an illusion in Stalinist Russia as much as it has proved an illusion in pre-Hitler Germany" - Peter Drucker, 1939 Austria. 'The end of Economic Man - Exploring the origins of totalitarianism.'

Saying ,"owned by the people but run by the state or public property administered by the state" is sophistry. People must run the state and those people are and will be a priviledged class; a political class; just as in any form of totalitarian govt. There  are the rulers and the ruled.

I keep hearing the line "no implementation of Marx's Communism has ever been achieved", therefore Communism doesn't = bad. If you use this same argument to defend Fascism as it has too has not been properly implemented in terms of a "true  Nationalistic country with complete racial homogeny ever in modern history". You'd be laughed out of whatever room you just embarrassed yourself in. Its common sense to judge a system based on its merrits in the real world not how well one sticks to the original plan.

"The complete collapse of freedom and equality through Marxism has forced Russia to travel the road toward a totalitarian, purely negative, noneconomic society, towards unfreedom and inequality that Germany has been following."

There was a point in time where Mussolini was "lionized" by the American media and politicians including FDR.

Fascism didn't always carry the inhuman luggage of genocide and discrimination it does today. Hitler's brand of Nazism differed from Mussolini's Fascism in that racial Identitarianism became the forefront of what it meant to be a Nazi.

Despite the strong centralized government and a planned economy required under the ideology of Fascism, many still regard Fascism as "right wing".

As people tear down these confederate monuments and the left attempts to also remove monuments to the founding fathers we are witnessing the erasure of  the History of the United States because of the whim of far left activists and their cries of Racism and oppression.

This very same action will in turn bolster the victim status of these "white Nationalists and Alt-Righters" into having a valid argument for the equal reaction of violence in the name of "self-defense" of "white culture. We keep seeing this at every free speech event where people are more prepared for a fight than a discussion and that isn't the fault of any one group except maybe Antifa, the single most infamous "domestic Terrorist" Far Left organization that has time and time again proven to be unworthy of tolerating as they commit cowardly violent acts against individuals that are guilty of wrong-think, directly funded by a billionaire creep who as a child helped steal property from the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Everyday, every week and every month the Identitarians are creating a volatile political landscape and this landscape continues to expand into everyday life, perpetually encroaching into the life of normal everyday people and no one notices the signs.

In recent news we've had the emergence of a new word or more specifically a politically charged phrase as a opposed to a "real" word.


Basically its my understanding is that it's the embodiment of Identitarian politics on the left; a small list of what I would consider Alt-Left; BLM, ANTIFA, BAMN, Resist Facism, Communists, Neo-Marxists, Intersectional Feminists etc.

What do these groups have in common? would be there ingroup - outgroup mentality, meaning "You're either with us or against us."

Violence and shamelessly spouting falsities for pushing their preferred talking points with complete lack of integrity or objectivity as being logical and objective is the antithesis of their ideology.

Completely obsessed with racial identity and any inherent identity that's typically seen as out of your control aka, being a woman, black, Asian or ginger and your  sexual orientation. These arbitrary lines of division is where the poisonous rhetoric of a misinterpreted Marx comes into play. Postmodernists during the fall of soviet Russia scraped Marx's original idea for Marxism as the fall of the USSR finally made them rethink their philosophy and added the caviar of "intersectionalism"  - meaning that western society and well any human society was built on the foundations of oppression (e.g. a hierarchical system) and Neo-Marxists come up with the idea of replacing Marx's Class oppression theory with that of Cultural oppression, meaning that the "dominant culture" of any particular nation is by default of being "dominant" or the majority is infact Oppressive and to fix it intersectionalism works to correct the hierarchy of oppression through equity programs, prop up the oppressed to the same level as the most dominant culture. all well and good as long as their is actual oppression on a systematic, purposeful level. 

Violence and a call for civil war or larping as revolutionaries. What do I mean by this? If you've ever watched the cringey online videos of people dressing up as warlocks, wizards, elves and orcs and play figthing in forests with foam weapons and the universal agreement that throwing blue tennis balls and yelling  "LIGHTNING BOLT!" makes magic real and an effective skill in combat, thats who I'm talking about. We have people dressing black and looking like masked ninjas or a poorly spoofed Al-Qaeda training video brandishing bats, m80s in glass or metal containers essientially making a weak IED (Improvised Explosive Device), tear gas / mace, knives and the occasional gun.

As much as I'd like to just blame both sides for encouraging the violence , it's simply not true. Antifa have been doing this since Occupy Wall Street and has been funded by the Ford foundation and George Soros.

The Ford Foundation is exactly like Soros’ Open Foundation, another tax write off for the very wealthy. Hedge fund managers and CEOs write the checks. They also donate to the ACLU  who then donate that money to Antifa.

They’ve been doing it for years. Politicians know it, but want donations and support from those very same donors. The media is owned by those very same people.

Take my hand. Speed art

A showcase of my design process, "Take my hand" is a design I had made several years ago and I recently decided going through some of older art and sketch books and I found a few that I wanted to revive. 

I hope you like it. 

What is reality.







  1. The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them:  “he refuses to face reality”.
  2. A thing that is actually experienced or seen, esp. when this is grim or problematic:  “the harsh realities of life”.

There are four types of reality as “We” currently know…
“Personal reality” – This is the reality in your head, your subjective awareness. This is your conscious state, or the sensation of wakefulness upon waking up from sleep.


The second type of reality is “social reality”. This reality exists collectively, that is, it exists because it is shared by two or more personal realities.


The third type of reality is “objective reality”.

Objective reality is what would exist even if there were no humans alive. It is what exists completely independently of our minds and our feelings and our experiences. When humans talk about “facts” they are referring to this objective reality.


the fourth type of reality is shared “objective reality”. We perceive this reality when our social realities line up with objective reality.