Is Count Dankula Free?

So as you may or may not have heard, Mark Meechan a.k.a Count Dankula was not, I repeat was not sent to prison, He did however still was given an 800 pound fine for his trouble and will reportedly appeal the decision.


Fund Count Dankula's Court appeal here.

This is a relief but unfortunately still a very sad day for freedom of speech even though he avoided the prison sentence the fact that he could even be threatened by that prospect is frightening enough let alone being successfully charged and fined for a joke.

I have few words to describe the feeling of seeing a right so severely trampled on is disheartening, to say the least, the fact its something so fundamental and essential as freedom of speech only makes it that much worse.

I believe the west has grown soft and dull, we no longer uphold our fundamental principles, we no longer worry about tyranny from our own systems of government, when we see actual oppression from our governments subjected onto our fellow citizens our empathy is nowhere to be found.    

Many people think that this was justified and "right" because they don't find the value in comedy or at least they don't find value in comedy they don't like.

This dangerous precedent has been set, to be offensive means to pay extra for the privilege of having that freedom.

I'm morbidly pleased with the decision of the courts to not send Mark to prison, what I wonder though is what would've happened without such outcry and support from the public?

Regardless of the "what ifs", what is important now is that Mark repeals this decision for not only himself but for the future victims of this horrendous law.