Everything you need to know about Judy malware.(GUIDE).

"Judy" malware.

It has been only several weeks since the WannaCry ransomeware attack where over 200,000 Pc's we infected which subsequently crippled hospitals all over the UK, a new threat has been uncovered, lurking in dozens of apps on the Google Play Store, Dubbed 'Judy'.

Millions infected

More than 36 million Android users have been infected with malicious ad-click malware, researchers from Checkpoint stated on the 25th of May in a blog post.

Google Play Store infected

The Security Research firm checkpoint has said they have found the malware contained within over 50 Google Play store apps, 40 of which belong to a South Korean developer, Kiniwini, which publishes mobile games to the Play Store under the monika Enistudio.

What is 'Judy'?

'Judy' is an auto-clicking adware which infects apps to generate large amounts of fraudulent clicks on ads, therefore, generating revenue for the perpetrators through programs like Google Adsense.

What apps has Judy infected?

The majority of the infections come from cooking and fashion genre games, The games Judy has infected actually have either or both, Judy in the title or as a character, notable titles like Chef Judy: Picnic Lunch maker and Fashion Judy: Magic Girl style.

Wait, How does it work?

Judy does this by firstly bypassingBouncer, Google Play’s protection and opening hidden web browsers the user can't see and auto clicks on advertisements within the hidden browser.


Oh no! I'm scared what should I do?

Thankfully due to the diligence shown by Checkpoint security almost all the infected apps have been removed from Google play store.



Most widely spread malware ever.

The large amount of infections (between 4.5 million and18.5 million downloads) that have been downloaded has unofficially dubbed Judy as the most widely spread malware ever found on Google play store.