Juicy Mangoes

I think 'Mango' is the best term for vagina I've ever heard. They're tasty, they're pretty, and most people love them. I sure do. I love mangoes and bananas and all the wonderful things we can do with them. And from my experience so do most girls. In fact it seems like, in my circle at least, the ladies are the ones that are usually thinking about sex. Many of my friends have confided in me that they are the ones instigating things with their partners and that they want it more, or at least more often.

I am involved in an online secret sexual group (yes they exist) full of hundreds of women who want a daily fix of naughty gossip, jokes and tips. I obviously lap up this info like H2o. These sisters know what's important. And they have confidence. We post nudes and personal thoughts and experiences for help and inspiration. Yeah some people post anonymously, but you still have to have a lot of confidence to put your body and your private thoughts out there in the internet. Today someone asked about the wildest sexual experiences we've had and one woman shared that she had been double penetrated by her husband and a friend. Well done honey, and thanks for sharing. It may not be everyones cup of tea but I'm sure there were a few girls who were out there fanaticising and feeling silly or even ashamed about wanting this. But knowing you've been there, you were brave enough to go through with it, enjoyed it and recommend it may just give those girls the confidence to follow through with their fantasies. You may not be a hero, but you're definitely some kind of sexual ambassador and I applaud you.

This made me think about how much better sex has gotten since I've really opened up about it and talked about it with my friends. Maybe this is why my girls are so toey. We know stuff. Wev'e shared stuff. And we experiment and compare notes. I mean its only logical. Scientific even. We're finding all these ways of getting off cause we love a saucy gossip. And I don't think guys; or at least the guys in my circle talk like this.

I've asked a few and they've described a few uncomfortable and rushed conversations about their conquests but they don't go deep.. heh.

Go deep boys. Ask how your friends get their girls off. And tell them how you do it! Explore. Experiment.

Your girl didn't get that good at head by keeping her thoughts to herself.

Bye guys, gotta go see a girl about a mango.

Sincerely, Moist Mermaid