An Introduction

This is the place where dreams are made, alliances are forged and old hatreds are put to rest with the swing of a bad ass looking axe (my display picture).

This is my blog, I suppose. 

I'm Tyson, I'm 22 years old and from New South Wales, Australia.

I will be writing mostly about movies, music, TV and games but I'm not stopping there... Oh no. If I can come up with material to write about paint drying I swear to god I'll do it and I'll try to make it entertaining.

Anything found within my blog is my opinion and should be treated that way. If, for example, I call your favourite colour the literal plague then you probably shouldn't get too upset. 
  I wont, however, hold my views back.

If that sounds like even slightly interesting reading to any of you stick around, make yourself a some kind of... beverage and put your feet up. 

Its just you and me baby and we're going on an adventure through my mind.